End of Year Giving to Bill & Julia

Otterness Missions is what Julia and I call the collaborative efforts we have between the different ministries and organizations we are affiliated with to fulfill our vision of spreading the gospel through the arts.  A couple of upcoming goals for 2021 will help us create a more proactive approach to this vision God has given us.  One will be raising up Christians in the art community by giving them specific training and a platform to share the Gospel of Jesus through their art.  As Julia focuses on the fine arts I will seek out more venues for performing artists and coordinate events for all areas of the arts locally, nationally and internationally.  Another focus will be bringing more awareness to Otterness Missions to expand the way we are helping people know Jesus in that personal way through creative outreach.  Building up the website and providing overall media content will be the initial approach.  Next year Julia and I will need more training and more help from you to fulfill these goals of our extraordinary vision.

By working together we can accomplish the vision for 2021 and more!  A great way to partner with us is financially.  The goals may seem easily attainable but the supplies and travel alone requires extensive funding.  Julia and I will need to replace our very high mileage car adding another large expense to the upcoming year.  Partnering with us by sending a year-end gift  is a simple way to see what your part looks like in the mission field.  Click and go directly to our donation page with the donate button below or learn more about how to partner with us on our “Give” page at otternessmissions.org/give  

All donations are tax deductible.  Julia and I are excited to begin sharing with you all of our missional accomplishments that your generous investment will bring.

Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas,
Bill & Julia

Financial support can be mailed to:
​L3 International

P.O. Box 913
​Grandview, MO 64030


We are truly Blessed to be having you partner with us financially! 

Otterness Missions
10404 Oakland Avenue Kansas City, MO 64134
Call/Text 816-885-7970