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The ministries we staff are L3 International ministries. Every L3 worker, including the founder, Nate Tanner, raises their own support to meet their financial needs. No one receives a salary from the organization. For most people in L3 International, these funds come from friends, family and churches who contribute financially on a monthly basis. To participate as a monthly supporter of Bill & Julia you can do so online at  Through online giving it is easy to set up monthly donations.  And, of course, checks are always welcomed.  Each month you will receive a tax deductible receipt for your donation.  ​For those that would like to write monthly checks without using an online account you may simply write pay to L3 International.  DO NOT put our names anywhere on the check.  If you have a pledge card then place that in the envelope with the check or write MIS-BJO in the memo. The main offices for L3 International are located in Missouri, USA. Please send all financial support to the P.O. Box listed.

Financial support can be mailed to:
​L3 International

P.O. Box 913
​Grandview, MO 64030


We are truly Blessed to be having you partner with us financially! 

Otterness Missions
10404 Oakland Avenue Kansas City, MO 64134
Call/Text 816-885-7970