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2020 started right out of the gate with tons of excitement…

In January I was still in recovery from a fall that I had from a height of over six feet while on a mission trip in another country.  I was hospitalized and then spent the entire trip in recovery in my host room.  I would have never made it if it wasn’t for Julia being with me on that trip.  Since January, I have been able to begin physical therapy which I am currently doing to this day. But, during this entire time, Julia and I were working hard to bring our 3rd Annual Fine Arts Gallery to the Kansas City region.
Each year Genesis 1-1 Fine Art Ministry will host a huge fine art gallery event.  These events bring together 20 plus Christian artists.  Each artist is allowed to submit up to 5 pieces of art so there is always lots of art.  Each year is a specific theme that Julia provides and this year’s theme was “The Sound of Light”.  The artists really took the theme seriously this year so the gallery was amazing.  I had to prep another wall in the hallway to accommodate all the art work.  As with each year, we have an entertainment stage that I get to put together.  This year we did all musical artists and they were absolutely amazing!  Everything looked and sounded so professional.  Those that shared testimonies were great and one of the GX dancers shared a gospel message and invited people into the Kingdom of Christ. 
We’re looking forward with great hope to see 10X more outreaches and to see all of you.  Julia and I have been wanting to get on the road to see you and was hoping to do that in the SpringTime.  If you haven’t set anything up with us yet and you would like for us to visit you or your church then please drop us a line.  We’ll do it.  One thing we love to do is share our testimonies with friends and churches.  We find it really blesses a church every time we speak. 
A great joy for us is seeing our friends that run L3 International move into the area of Kansas City.  Even though we are able to accomplish so much without face-to-face through technology, we are blessed to have the Tanner family nearby for personal fellowship.  This will also mean that we all need to update the mailing address for all financial correspondence to L3 International.  That includes all those mail in checks to Julia and me.  The new mailing address is:

L3 International
PO Box 913
Grandview, MO 64030